Case Powerbutton LED of NZXT H210 not active

The Circle LED around the Powerbutton is not active when the HoneyComb LX2 is powered on.

I tried swapping the PLED+ and PLED- jumpers, which did not do the trick. This is just a minor concern.

Question for Jon Nettleton: Is the LED around the Powerbutton of your H210 case active, when the computer is turned on?

On early HoneyComb boards the Power LED ground of the front panel header is not properly grounded. You can use a ground from the reset connection, or one of the fan headers.

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This means that I can plug one of the Jumpers, PLED+ or PLED- onto the reset connection, right?

Yes, plug the PLED- into RST- and the power led will work.

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I applied the change and the LED is now shining in all its glory :). I first set the PLED- jumper to pin 7 which resulted in a short activation (0.5 seconds) at startup and shutdown. I plugged the jumper to pin 5 which did the trick. I had wrongly interpreted the layout at the bottom of this picture:

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