Boot Select & RESET Button

How can I configure the boot switch of the HoneyComb to boot from eMMC/SD card?
Which button is RESET and which one is POWER? how can power on/off the board?

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Hi Amelia,

Boot Switch (SW1):
Did you have information between the boot switch SW1 and the CPU on the print side (Notice the marking β€˜ON’ on the DIP switch)how to boot from SD card, eMMc, SPI.
for example to booting from SD-Card: configure the boot switch SW1 to be [1:off,2:on,3:on,4:on,5:nc]

RESET Button: Did you have two Reset buttons one on the carrier U14, the second one on the COM U2

Power On/Off Button (U10012):

Power Off: need a long press (like 10 sec) to power off the board until the LED1 turns off.

Power ON: need a short press to power ON the board until the LED1 turns ON.

Specifically eMMC boot is off, on, on, off, nc, right?

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