Built my own image but kernel modules don't autmatically load

So I built my own image (debian based) from the attlassian.net site for the HummingBoard-T SR1 which succeeded.

The pre-built image automatically loads all of the modules to bring the networking up (i.e. the two FPGA based icssg_prueth devices), but the newly built images do not load them, nor several others. I don’t see where/how the prebuilt images cause the kernel modules to load. The uboot seems to be loading the correct hummingboard-t .dtb file.

I can of course setup scripts to make it all work, but I’d like to follow the automatic mechanism that the pre-built image uses.

This is often but not always a problem with your build environment.
Were you by any chance using the runme.sh without docker?

If so please validate that /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/modules.dep.bin exists,
and that modprobe command itself is functional, e.g.
modprobe at24
should run without error message.

If the above is all good, then the problem is with the init system, e.g. if you modified the buildroot packages.