Standard kernel modules e.g ipset

Hi, I’ve been trying to get ipset module installed as unfortunately it was missing from the build I did using the build script (December time).

I was going to compile ipset module from git, but realised don’t have the kernel headers for the custom kernel.

So before I go and start attempting to compile a whole new kernel for my build.

I’ve since noticed some pre built images now available to download, do these images have more of the standard kernel modules pre-compiled that’d you find with Debian (etc). And or the kernel headers included?


we’ve updated the kernel version to 5.15, howerver we didn’t add new modules to be compiled with the kernel.

Thanks Alon,

I’m looking at compiling a new kernel to include conntrack and ipset (maybe a few others). just looking for advice/opinion.

  1. would it best to add some custom config options in something like “configs/linux/cn913x_additions.config” and build a whole new image using ?
  2. Or could i pull the linux 5.15 kernel tarball down on my current image and build a new kernel directly on that? (ensuring i add the patches).


i think both ways are fine.
the runme script will make it easier for you as it creates a ready to deploy image, and save you some time vs compiling it yourself.

cheers i decided to build a new kernel,(based on v5.15.19), rather than a full new image, mainly because i’d done quite a lot of modifications post build.

Anyway the new kernel seems to working well. Added several options around routing and firewalling,e.g IPSET, CONNTRACK. I’ll use my config additions when i build new images in the future.

thanks for you help

oh another thought, i ran menuconifg on default .config following defconfig. I decided not to change much, but I think there a lot of options enabled as part of defconfig, which could be removed for a bespoke slimline kernel.