How to toggle the WiFi/BLE programmable gpio pins on solidrun board

I just want to toggle the programmable GPIO pins that are provided on the solidrun board which has having 1MW Murata (LBEE5HY1MW) module.

Could you help to advise how can we configure the GPIO pins (BT_GPIO_2 & GPIO_2 BLE & WIFI respectively) to Logic High/Low for the 1MW module?
So, that we can connect the LED to the gpio to toggle to check whether the WIFI/BLE is alive or not.
Please help me with this.

These GPIOs are tied to the functionality of the wifi module. They are handled by the mmc-pwrseq device-tree node for the wifi module and the shutdown-gpio for the bluetooth module, both of which are in turn handled by the rfkill subsystem of linux.

Ok i understood that.
Along side that are there LEDs which indicate us the Wifi and BLE Activity?If so which are those?

As a follow up:
Question 1)
i would like to know what is the functionality of each of these gpios GPIO_1 GPIO_2 … GPIO_6 and BT_GPIO_2 … BT_GPIO_6.

i understood that one of these GPIO’s can be used as LEDs, but I’m not sure about which of these.
I had gone through the datasheet of the chip, but i faced some difficulties in finding it.
Could you elaborate which GPIOs can we use for both BLE and Wifi Indication.
Also what exactly does “Programmable GPIOs mean in the context of this module”
And how to program it?

Question 2)
I also want to know if any push button to pair BLE can be attached to this Module (which is already added in the device tree node).
If yes, please tell us which pin can be used.
If no could you suggest ways as to achieve this functionality.

On our SOMs those GPIOs are not brought out to the carrier for customization. Are your requirements to tie the LED to hardware or is a software solution an option. There is a current patchset to mainline I have been tracking that extends the generic LED driver device-tree to track wifi/bt activity. [v2] dt-bindings: leds: Document Bluetooth and WLAN triggers - Patchwork

If this is a viable option for you then I would be happy to backport this into our BSP as it may be useful to our customers.

Regarding push button to pair BLE. That is more of a software solution that needs to be implemented. Generally this would require setting up a push button GPIO and then based on that being triggered put the bluetooth module into pairing mode.