Yocto scarthgap

I’ve been updating the meta-solidrun-arm-imx8 layer to support the latest yocto LTS scarthgap (released April 2024). It’s almost done with only one remaining issue. I had posted a draft pull request on github.

but inadvertently closed it as I finish up some loose ends. Will resubmit when it’s ready to go.

The main remaining issue that I know about has to do with how solidrun has patched u-boot-imx for retrieving the primary ethernet interface’s MAC address from the eeprom. Right now, this appears to fail because a length count condition is not being met for interface 0

See this line:

The uboot tlv_eeprom command shows the mac address is stored and can be read from there just fine. So I’m just trying to find what the significant difference is between kirkstone and scarthgap’s u-boot-imx that causes the previously working patch to no longer work as intended.

Updated pull request. Fixed all remaining issues. Everything seems to be working on my
test machine which is a hummingboard pulse.