Latest i.MX8MP BSP Updates - rel_imx_5.10.72_2.2.0

YouTube Video

In this DevCut episode we announce the release of our support for NXP’s BSP based on rel_imx_5.10.72_2.2.0. Our meta-layer for Yocto and instructions of using it can be found here on github.

Features in this release

  • 5.10.72-lts kernel release
  • Full hardware support for all HummingBoard and CuBox platforms using the i.MX8MP SOM
  • Support for the Basler camera system on both the carrier and SOM mipi-CSI connectors
  • Rfkill subsystem support for the m.2 and mini-pcie connectors for better wwan control from userspace
  • Userspace control of the USB VCC regulators

Full test images are currently available at SolidRun Images.

Happy Computing,
SolidRun Team