Yocto build for IMX8MP impossible to build

Hy everyone, I’m trying to build a yocto image with Ubuntu 20.04, 64 GB RAM. I’m installing all the yocto dependencies, following the git solidrun yocto web steps, but I receive a lot of warnings “Failed to fetch”:

Then, I have solved them with this:

git config --global url." i cant put urls “.insteadOf git@github.com:
git config --global url.” i cant put urls ".insteadOf git://

But anyway, I have received this error related with other repository that is dead:

| fatal: repository 'https://anongit.freedesktop.org/gstreamer/common/’ not found

What is the reason? What am i doing wrong? I have tried different yocto versions, different ubuntu versions but there is no way to create a yocto image.

What version of Yocto are you trying to compile?

The Yocto version I have trying is Hardknott.

interesting. I wonder if NXP has changed their recipes. I will do a build and see what is going on.

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