Which touch screen for Hummingboard (DSI interface)?

I am looking for a compatible LCD touch display to connect to the Hummingboards DSI interface? Couldn’t find any info in the docs.

Any suggestions ?


We have only ever officially partnered with vendors supplying touchscreen LCDs for the HDMI or LVDS connectors. These were from Pro-TIP. We have had customers that have used the same DSI touchscreen that Boundary devices sold for their boards, with a custom connector cable.

If you have a specific touchscreen you are thinking about integrating we would be happy to review it for you to make sure it will be compatible.

Thanks for the reply.
Actually we don’t have any specific screen in mind, also LVDS interface would be fine. The important thing is that it should be easy to get it working, without driver nightmare. Ideally it would run “out of the box” with your Debian 11 SD card. Looking for 7" touch screens.
Are there any such screens which are known to be working? Web link would be nice.

Do you require a specific resolution?

Preferably 800×480.

This is the LVDS display we have already integrated and tested with the iMX6 based HummingBoard, LCD Module/TFT Display/UART Display/HMI/LCM Module -POWERTIP Technology Corporation

Thanks, looks good. I see they also provide a matching cable to connect it to the HummingBoard.
What drivers are needed for this display?

Everything is built into our BSP, but I will double check everything is there and functional with the latest device-tree. In general these LCD’s only require a few minor device-tree changes. Here is a quite video I did of boot2qt running on the iMX6 using the 5" version of their panel. https://photos.app.goo.gl/UCtJWFUde331YsjX9

Do you know where to buy the PowerTIP display? They don’t seem to have an online shop. I tried to contact them but got no reply. Neither could I find any reseller.

I will ask sales if they are still manufacturing the screens. I have not had contact with them since I did the original bringup and testing of the screens they sent me.

Just checking if you found out if these screens from PowerTIP are still for sale?

We have not heard back, so I am assuming they are no longer providing the screen. I am talking with sales and production regarding a different alternative.

Thanks for checking. In fact, PowerTIP doesn’t look like a trustworthy company. They have misleading/outdated information on the web site and are not responding to inquiries. You wouldn’t want to base any of your products on their supply :slightly_frowning_face:

Regarding an alternative, any DSI or LVDS capacitive touch screen would do as long as there is Linux support. In any case, I think a custom cable would have to be made to connect it to the HummingBoard. Or has the display connector been designed with any compatible screen in mind?

Without knowing I would guess that post pandemic / supply chain problems they have caused issues for them. Previously they were very good to work with and I have been very happy with their displays. Unfortunately the HummingBoard was designed many many years ago and most the displays that were designed to work with it are no longer available on the market, so generally a custom cable would be required to connect an existing display to our board.