Where can I find the GPIO header?

Can someone explain where to find the GPIO header on the Clearfog LX2160A CX LX2 board please?
Or post a picture with the spot on the board circled?
I don’t have a physical board at hand and I have not been able to find it based on pictures of the board from our virtual lab. My understanding is it exists and there is a spot for the header on the board.
Thanks for any pointers!

There is no specific GPIO header on that specific board. There is a JTAG header located at the back of the PCIe x8 slot, perhaps that is what you are referring to?

According to this document there is a GPIO header. But perhaps the doc is outdated? We have the rev 2.1 boards.

The NXP LX2160A-RDB-B does populate and the GPIO pins with a header. We are testing on both boards and would like to do some loopback testing on both boards.

If the pins are not there, then nothing we can do, but if it’s simply missing the header we can add it.


Anybody? I am guessing at this point the datasheet is wrong/outdated?

Most likely the block diagram is referring to the GPIO block that is available from the CEX7 module, but is not available on our Mini-ITX boards. It probably pre-dates the design changes needed to accomodate the 8A34003E SYNC-E option. You can always reference the carrier schematics at https://developer.solid-run.com/download/clearfog-cx-and-honeycomb-schematics/

Got it. Thanks.