Lx2160a cex7 jtag

I have LX2160A CEX7 rev 2.1 + ClearFog. There is no schema available for that board version. Version 1.6 schema shows that JTAG is connected to test points: TP1, TP2, TP3, TP14, TP15, TP16. However I cannot see those test points in rev 2.1. But I can see an extra unnamed 2x5 pin header near the boot source selector DIP switch that seems to be missing on earlier board revisions according to photos available. It seems to replace the “SW RESET” -button on earlier models. Also the pin header seems similar to one in NXP RDB schema.

So my question is that is there CEX7 rev 2.1 schema somewhere available? Or can someone confirm that this extra header is a JTAG header and if the pin order is identical to RDB? I don’t yet have the CWH-CTP-CTX10-YE probe tip cable. Does it fit?

HoneyComb LX2 / ClearFog CX LX2 Quick Start Guide mentions JTAG, but I cannot find any further details.

The JTAG signals were brought out to a header in the latest revision of the CEX7 module. I will put in a request for the hardware team to update the CEX7 simple schematics.