What is the current state of the fsl_mc and dpaa2 system when using UEFI

From my limited testing it seems the the fsl_mc and dpaa2 systems have the most support on u-boot firmware and not UEFI. Is there any on going work to possibly change this and add proper support for these systems when using UEFI firmware images.

Support in what sense? Beyond the initialization mechanism for mc-bin and dpaa2 is identical between edk2 and u-boot. Everything else is done through the userspace portion of the driver stack. If you require a newer mc-bin firmware then this can be added to the edk2-non-osi repository that is cloned in the lx2160a_uefi build project and the Platform/SolidRun/LX2160aCex7/LX2160aCex7.fdf file, there are no other kernel changes required.

The sense that i have only managed to get the SFP+ ports to work when using a u-boot image and not a UEFI image

It could be due to the wrong version of restool, or the kernel config. What error message to you receive? I have been using 10Gbps SFP+ with DAC, Fiber, and ethernet, as well as using the network complex in standalone switch mode without issues.

I am running kernel 6.1.10-200.fc37.aarch64 and restool version restool v2.4 (10.30.0 compatible) the distro is Fedora 37 when I run ls-addni dpmac.10 i get MC error: Unsupported operation (status 0xb). Guessing from the restool version could there be a version missmatch between restool and fw? I am using the latest UEFI firmware that is available from SolidRun Images

I have solved the issue it was a version miss match between the restool package in FC37 which is restool-2.4.0-4.fc37.aarch64 and required version for it to work with the prebuilt UEFI image is 2.3 which can be obtained from FC34 restool-2.3.0-1.fc34.aarch64