What is the ClearFog's acheiveable net badwidth?

I wanted to know how much BW was acheiveble if I were to use a ClearFog LX2160A as a network equipment changing just the IP header (actually it would be a IPv4<–>IPv6 transform) ?

I have reached out to the developer that has been optimizing this for another product. He should be able to give you a ballpark figure.

Well if you have the exact figure it will be useful one day no doubt. For the application I have in mind, just knowing that the throughptu can be over 100Gbps would be great news. Ideally if you tell me it can reach 120Gbps or beyond I’d probably order 2 of these within a day I get the news :slight_smile:
An article on Fedora Magazine said the IP Accelerator could handle 160Gbps in theory so I’m optimistic.

We reached wire speed on the 100Gbit port using DPDK (with a Mellanox NIC), with ~1500B packets.
Reaching 120Gbps is not possible, since this is a 100Gbit port.
You could use the additional 4 10G ports to reach more than 100Gbps (the performance with this setup hasn’t been tested).

All the figures refer to simple transmission of packets, no changes in the IP headers.

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Indeed I was thinking of 100Gbps + 2 10Gpbs ports of course.
I’ll try changing the headers as needed and setup a testbench on the board I have (4x10Gbps only). And if the CPU remains low enough I’ll move on. Thanks :slight_smile:

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