USB not detected when connected to Humming board pulse


I want to boot from USB OTG. I connected the Male to Male USB-A cable from host PC to the OTG port on humming board pulse when ON. And I am unable to detect USB on my host PC. Attached usb detection image for reference. Followed BOOT from USB OTG steps to boot.


Did you custom build your USB-A to USB-A cable, or are you using a USB-A to USB-C cable with a USB-C female to USB-A male adapter?

Its not custom build. I ordered it online. Attached image for reference.

Do you have a link for the store listing? Some of the PC to PC cables like this require special software to enable them. That is why I generally recommend customers get a usb-c female to usb-a adapter and use a standard USB-A to USB-C cable.

I purchased from here

while that cable should work I will warn you that there is danger for the USB port of your host computer as it most likely does not have the proper resistor on the VCC line. That is why I recommend the USB-C cable and adapter approach as the USB-C standard requires cables to have a resistor on the VCC lines.

Have you attached a cable to the serial console? Are you getting any output? It is possible the device isn’t going into USB recovery mode so it will not show up on the host computer.

As you said now i am using USB-A male to USB-C female connector(Image attached). And using USB type A male to male to connect to solidrun board. I am not seeing any USB device attached on host pc.
May i know how we can detect the cable on host pc. And can you suggest where i can buy the USB-A male to USB-C female so that it works.

Have you connected to the serial console with a terminal? Are you sure the device is entering recovery mode and not booting into the bootloader?

Yes, i connected to the serial console with a terminal. And device is not entering recovery mode and not booting into the bootloader. There is no output on the console whatsoever.

and you are connecting the usb cable to the top USB port?

Yes, I am connecting the usb cable to the top USB port.

Try flipping the usb-c to usb-a converter over and re-plugging. Other than that you may want to try a different usb port on your host computer.

So after a few tries we have figured that the USB is getting detected as a Realtek device not as an NXP device.

And when we try to flash the flash.bin file it shows waiting for a known device (Screenshots attached)

Pl note the we are using the USB Adapter and the Humming board is having 2 USB ports.
We are connecting the cable to the top USB port.

That should not be the case. If you have NXP’s mfgtools installed then you can run the command uuu -udev to see the list of ID’s that the SOC could show up as.