USB boot on Arch linux ISO, arm-smmu errors. Board is no more booting


I’m playing with my honeycomb lx2 for 3 days now, booting OpenBSD and doing some install. My setup is 64GB RAM from Crucial, a Samsung nvme 980, I’m using the image for my RAM speed and it’s booting correctly, OpenBSD run well but I don’t have my network interface showing up.

So yesterday I’ve created a USB stick with Arch linux and tried to installed. It booted correctly but stopped in the kernel loading with many arm-smmu errors. I’ve switched off the board pressing the power button > 10 sec. but now the board refuse to boot again.

When I boot, the fan speed is reduced very quickly and nothing happen.

No more output in minicom.
I’ve tested:

  • create a new sd card with the same image → nothing more
  • create a new sd card with another image → nothing more
  • unplug nvme → nothing more
  • use only one RAM sodimm → nothing more.

I’m a bit lost with no more output from the board.
Any ideas ?


Please unplug the power supply from the board and then press the power button on HoneyComb, then plug the power back in.

Please test with one of our prebuilt images here, SolidRun Images

Thanks for your answer.
I’ve just tested and I have nothing more on minicom.

The two images I’ve tested are:

→ was working


→ not working

But now, both are not working :confused:

and if you unplug and re-plug the serial cable you are seeing the device disconnect and re-connect properly?

Yes, if I unplug the serial cable, minicom complains that the port is no more available. As soon as I plug it again, it comes back to normal.

On another hand, I’ve also tested that the serial cable was ok, connecting to a machiatobin. I can see the board booting normally.

I’ve also tested with 2 different SD card, same issue :confused: