Reset pin on JTAG unavailable

We are building a custom board basing the Humming board pulse EVK

The image shows the JTAG pins from the IMX8MP Processor

The Image below shows the JTAG connector which we are using, which contains the RESET pin.

We have used the NXP provided pin config tool, but the reset pin for the same is not available.
The image for which is also attached below.

Pls note that there is no JTAG_RESET on the IMX8mp whereas there is a JTAG_RST on the connector.

What is the reset mechanism used for resetting while using JTAG?
Please provide us the solution for the same

jtag trst is an optional pin to the standard. While when implemented it can reset the jtag state machine, on the iMX8 lineup this feature is not available so the only option you have is to fully reset the SOC using POR.

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