Lx2160a 1.35v ram

what passes should be taken to have a LX2160A board use 1.35V RAM?

It seems that all the RAMs listed here Com Express Type 7 LX2160A Tested SO-DIMM Memory | SolidRun are 1.2V rated.

The same page reads: …LX2160A COM express type 7 module core VDD was set to 780mV; which is the default setting when shipping the module.

Do I need to change the core VDD (or anything else) to support 1.35V RAM? If yes, how do I do that?

Thank you.

the LX2160a CEX7 module only supports 1.2V RAM. It is designed to the JEDEC standard for DDR4.

As a “but can I” answer

I currently have a Crucal bl2k32g32c16s4b 64 GB kit installed - Which is rated DDR4-3200 1.35v

It is running stably thus far, but only with a DDR4-2400 image. So, if you already have the ram, you can try and use it undervolted, but if you haven’t got the ram yet, just get proper 1.2v sticks.

so all memory needs to have a 1.2V Jedec standard timing. Your Crucial memory should run at DDR2666, which on our platform would be 2600 without issues. The speeds beyond that are XMP2 profiles and can require higher voltages.

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