Issue with mkimage version 2021.10 when building aa full lx2160a image

Trying the ./ script aiming at building a personalised image, I am encountering the following error :
kernel2160cex7.its:15.11-17.6: Warning (unit_address_vs_reg): /images/kernel/hash@1: node has a unit name, but no reg or ranges property
kernel2160cex7.its:28.11-30.6: Warning (unit_address_vs_reg): /images/initrd/hash@1: node has a unit name, but no reg or ranges property
kernel2160cex7.its:40.11-42.6: Warning (unit_address_vs_reg): /images/lx2160acex7-dtb/hash@1: node has a unit name, but no reg or ranges property
mkimage: verify_header failed for FIT Image support with exit code 1

On my distro mkimage has release :
$ mkimage -V
mkimage version 2021.10

I suspect a mkimage bug, any confirmation ?
The ultimate aim is building a docker-enabled kernel.

Can you test building in a docker container? That should be the most consistent way to generate an image. I will look at the mkimage changes to see if there is anything obvious that needs to be tweaked.

It very likely is… mkimage version 2022.07-rc4-00007-g57bd363de7 works.

And ultimately I want to have a docker-èbased build… On the SolidRun itself, therefore I’m tweaking the kernel. My ultimate goal is building a lx2160a-based VyOS ^^


Please post information on building a docker-based kernel if you succeed - I bet there are many people who will be interested (including myself). =)
Unfortunately I don’t have any experience in adding docker support myself, but if you have any pointers, I might be able to add to the project.

Docker support for the build is already in the repository. That is how our CI builds the images. You can reference the documentation in the repository for the instructions.

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I still haven’t found it, so I’m looking in the wrong place.
I’ve been looking in the build_lx2160acex7 repository and the repository found here:

( seem to be deleted, so the link from bsp/ to lx2k/ is broken)
-I hate to ask silly questions like this, but can you point me directly to the doc ?

Actually you have a docker build for the whole image, including the kernel, for either a uboot (which I can tell works well) or UEFI boot.

Simply follow in the lx2160a_build git repository.

I think I probably didn’t write my earlier post carefully.
What I meant was to have a docker-enabled kernel; eg. so I can run docker on the LX2 - are you saying this functionality is already in the current image ?
(last time I made a build, I could not run docker).

I believe there are kernel config options missing in the default defconfig used for the image.

It remains possible to append a few options via the config/linux/lx2k_additions.config file though.

I now have dockerd running off the image I generated. I’m open to share a howto of course.

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I’d be very interested - Maybe this qualifies for a dedicated “Docker” threaad in this forum ? :slight_smile:

@jnettlet any preference for operation ? I’ll start building my VyOS this weekend, ready to share.

I would recommend you start a VyOS thread and can post and collaborate through that. If VyOS has a generic image using grub and efi then most of it should just boot and work with our edk2 firmware.