Is there a u-boot-clearfog-pro-mmc.kwb file?

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I am reinstalling my Clearfog Pro eMMC.
I have u-boot-clearfog-pro-uart.kwb
Is there a file with this name somewhere u-boot-clearfog-base-mmc.kwb that contains a newer version of u-boot than the 2013 one?

With u-boot-clearfog-base-uart.kwb installed it shows this version:
U-Boot SPL 2018.01-02337-gdc4398fdb8 (May 14 2018 - 18:38:05)

But with that u-boot I do not see working LAN port (DSA switch ports named eth2@lan1) or anything like that when running with that u-boot on Debian or Armbian.

With the old u-boot-clearfog-base-mmc.kwb it shows this version:
U-Boot 2013.01-g1e88e63-dirty (Jul 20 2016 - 21:38:48) Marvell version: 2015_T1.0p11

Is there a newer u-boot-clearfog-base-mmc.kwb?
Do I really need a u-boot-clearfog-base-mmc.kwb?

One more thing, the instructions of the Solidrun Atlassian site say to use
./kwboot -t -b u-boot-clearfog-base-uart.kwb /dev/ttyUSB0
but that failed. kwboot only succeed when I used
./kwboot -t -b u-boot-clearfog-base-uart.kwb -s 10 -q 1 /dev/ttyUSB0

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The answer appears to be that

U-Boot 2013.01-g1e88e63-dirty (Jul 20 2016 - 21:38:48) Marvell version: 2015_T1.0p11

Is all you get for the Clearfog Pro.

The reason the switch ports do not show up when booting a clearfog-base bootloader on the pro is because the base does not have switch hardware described in the device-tree. Why aren’t you using the clearfog pro bootloaders that are available on SolidRun Images

when compiling openwrt for myself it also creates a kwb that is broken because uboot is broken because (at least it seems like) the dev’s from uboot dont have such device .
see also [22.03] uboot-mvebu: clearfog: bootloop due to BootROM: Bad header at offset · Issue #11661 · openwrt/openwrt · GitHub
the latest uboot that boots clearfog pro is g2226ca1734