i.MX8M Hummingbird Pulse + TC358743 HDMI to CSI-2

Hello, I am a bit new to recompiling Linux so bare with me on this.


I have a Solidrun i.MX8M Plus SOM (on a HummingBoard Pulse SBC) and a geekworm C779 HDMI to CSI-2 Module (Toshiba TC358743XBG chip)

All I’m trying to do right now is make the CSI input coming from the HDMI to CSI module display on the screen (HDMI output)

Compiling Yocto

I started with the Yocto build instructions from the SolidRun imx8 Yocto meta repo.

Configuring Linux Kernel Drivers

I took this and ran the Linux kernel configuration tool to enable the TC358743 drivers.

Using this command to enable the TC358743 in the menuconfig

bitbake virtual/kernel -c menuconfig

Making it work

This is where I am getting stuck. I am not sure if simply including TC358743 drivers are sufficient to get the HDMI to CSI converter working. There are several steps in the Geekworm instructions that I know need to be executed to configure the EDID data these are outlined in the Geekworm instructions.

Geekworm Instructions

I’m a bit lost on how to use the CSI video device in a way that will enable the TC358743 input. I assume that it’s some combination of these two guides.

Is there anything I’m missing here?

Do I have to specify the I2C port that the TC358743 is connected to? I2C2/I2C3 I don’t know how the kernel would know which one to use in this case.

Which video device should I be using? What would it be called when I run v4l2-ctl --list-devices what should I be expecting? It seems that the video devices listed are the same after I recompiled Yocto with the TC358743 drivers enabled.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.