How to tune PWM fans for CPU and Case in Ubuntu 20?

Hi everyone,

How to tune PWM fans for CPU and Case in Ubuntu 20? Both the fans are connected to 4 pin connectors on the board.
I am using the latest June image of Ubuntu 20.04 on LX2, but cannot figure out how to tune both the CPU and Case fan. I cannot use display to change BIOS, but I would love to tune to something like Silent profile that you would find on traditional x86 BIOS settings.

AFAIK fan PWM is not enabled, you control the fans through I2C. See Fan control and Fan PWM status?. In my case once I switched to ACPI+edk2 the fan quieted down instead of running full throttle all the time. Not sure how much control you are looking for but you can probably use e.g. cpufreq governors.

Only the CPU fan header is connected to the PWM controller. The other 12V fan headers will just run the fan at full speed. If you want to control your case fan, you either need to split the CPU fan header or install an external fan controller for the case fans.