Honeycomb LX2160: How to update prebuilt image

I’ve installed a prebuilt image onto am Honeycomb system and did some customisation - adding new packages etc. a few months ago. Now I’d like to upgrade to the lastest software, but without having to reinstall and reconfigure everything from scratch again.

Is there a recipe for this? For the whole user space it’s easy - a apt update && apt upgrade will do the trick. But kernel etc don’t get updated. So I downloaded the lastest prebuild image, used a loopback device to mount it, found an xspi_header.img and an ubuntu-core.img in it, copied both, unmounted the image, mounted the ubuntu_core image and got a Linux rootfs.

What do I need from this?

  • /boot/*
  • /extlinux/*
  • /lib/modules/*

Anything else?

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The easiest method is to just upgrade you system through apt and exclude the kernel. The existing lx2160a_build BSP is not designed to be maintained as standard installation since the kernel is not packaged.

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