HoneyComb LX2 Server Serial Outp

Apologies if this question has been asked already.

I have purchased the HoneyComb LX2 server and installed the recommended kingston hyper x memory.

When i connect the USB port (CONS) to my laptop /dev/ttyUSB0 shows up, however when I use putty to connect at 115200 and power up the device the fans spin but I have no console output.

Can someone describe what is the behaviour of this system from the factory? I have no SD card installed at this point and the dip switches are set to boot from SPI. Does they board contain any bootloader or do I need to flash an image first? I’m confused and the documentation isn’t clear. I expected to see some console output even without any operating systems installed yet.

If I need to flash can someone recommend a suggestion of what to start with UEFI or U-Boot or the debian image or an image from here there are many and i don’t know where to start.


All that information is documented in our getting started guide in our knowledgebase, https://solidrun.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/developer/pages/197494288/HoneyComb+LX2+ClearFog+CX+LX2+Quick+Start+Guide


Thanks, I’ve read that and it is not clear what the behavior of the system is supposed to be from the factory. When I connect to the serial console I have no output from the Honeycomb. I have the Honeycomb server so I figured this would have been more or less production ready, not in a developer state. It doesn’t look like there is any U-boot or anything.

I think I figured out the decoder ring for the different images that are available and I tried flashing this image https://solid-run-images.sos-de-fra-1.exo.io/LX2k/lx2160a_build/20231119-10a9131/lx2160acex7_2000_700_3200_8_5_2-10a9131.img.xz and there is no output when I boot it. The dip switches are in the right positions to boot off the sd card.

Where can I get help getting these things up and running? I have 4 and they all behave the same.


All our direct products are generally considered developer boards. Can you take a picture of the dip switch configuration so I can verify them?

Unfortunately, I cannot, but they are Off, On, On, On, Off.

Does the spi come programmed from the factory or is that something I need to do myself? It looked like the sdcard could be used to load a new spi. I’m just surprised there is absolutely nothing output on the serial port.



I was able to compile the uefi and load that on the sdcard and get it to boot successfully. Thanks for the help. I would have thought these would be more turnkey than they are.