Extra i2c-2 devices on humming-board pulse apart from dts mentioned

Hi Team,

When i use i2cdetect command for bus 2. I see the devices attached in the below screenshot.
But when i see the imx8mp-hummingboard-pulse.dts file in kernel-source folder there are some different devices.

Can you please make me sure how i2cdetect is showing extra devices on board apart from dts file devices



Because of the way that I2C addressing works sometimes i2c-detect will detect “false” devices when a device has multiple interfaces it exposes on the i2c bus. This is the case with the adv7535 dsi to hdmi bridge.

I need to communicate with my 0x38 slave address. But its already present on the board. May i know what is the slave device present on that already.

If 0x38 is present on the board how to deactivate it.

If you do not need to use the micro-hdmi interface you can just disable the node in the device-tree. It is powered by the dsi_en pin and that should default to off if the node does not enable it. If you run into any issues let me know.

I tried to disabled the adv_brige by making status= “disabled” in device-tree. But still i2cdetect on bus 2 showing 0x38.
Is this that correct way of disabling device. May i know what to do next. Thanks in advance.

Hi jnettlet,
I have commented the pinctrl-0 which has dsi_en in device tree. But still showing the 0x38. Can you please tell how to solve the problem. Thanks in advance.

Is that device still bound to a driver? Does it show up as UU still?

No it doesn’t show UU now. But still 0x38 is present how to avoid that. Below is the screen shot for your reference.