Enter U-Boot on cubox-m

I was able to build my own image based on GitHub - SolidRun/meta-solidrun-arm-imx8. With cubox-i device I was able to enter u-boot with any keypress during startup, but on cubox-m I am not able to do this.

I need to set up constant MAC address in u-boot. How to do this? Right now every restart generates random MAC address and new IP address from DHCP.

For the keypress at start issue. Make sure you don’t have hardware flow control enabled in your terminal emulator settings.

For the MAC address, there will be a new kirkstone meta-layer update pushed this week that will fix this.

The meta layer on Github has been published which fixes this issue.

I have managed to set a constant mac address with the set ethaddr uboot env command.

Does cubox-m have a constant manufacturer MAC address saved in EEPROM? AND after the fix u-boot will get the MAC address from EEPROM? How will it work?

Depending on the manufacturing date it is possible that there are not MAC addresses programmed in the eeprom. With the new patches if there is a MAC programmed in the eeprom then it will be used. You can also use the tlv_eeprom command to read the information programmed from inside u-boot.