DPAA Passthrough to VM

Utilizing the linux-qoriq kernel along with the qemu-qoriq from NXP, I seem to be having issues with DPAA resource passthrough. I’m able to add network interfaces to the hypervisor and use, but once I pass the resources in a DPRC to a VM, the interfaces become unusable. I’m able to see frames hitting the interfaces with restool but no traffic is being sent. What seems odd is that there’s no errors being thrown in the guest, hypervisor, or MC firmware.

Any feedback or paths to chase down about how to identify where the issue is?

Which tag release are you using of qemu-qoriq?

Not using a tagged released, but I am using commit 14fda5a42df6c72e890d6a97ff88c5852172604b from the qemu-4.2 branch with the lf-5.15.y branch of linux-qoriq as paired in NXP’s kirkstone branches of their Yocto SDK.