CN9130 / ClearFog Pro PXE


Is PXE- (or really any network-) boot functional in the U-Boot image included on the CN9130/Pro carrier board? I am struggling to get the firmware to send any DHCP packets. After setting a MAC with set ethaddr 00:50:43:ab:cd:ef and confirming link with mii dump 0x00 1, the dhcp command will repeatedly report BOOTP broadcast 1, 2, 3, etc, but no frames are ever actually put on the wire.

I have been fidgeting with U-Boot for a while and haven’t had success getting it to transmit anything, even with a static IP. Swapping cables and setting the ethact variable to mvpp2-0, mvpp2-1, or mvpp2-2 hasn’t produced any result either, and I only get link on the unswitched 1GE port (which appears to be mvpp2-0, though I suppose that may be expected since it’s the least complex network port).

Is there any way to boot these from the network, or will I need to do OS installs with the SD card method?