ClearFog-Pro-A388: BootROM Bad header errors

I recently purchased a ClearFog-Pro. I attempted to boot from both SDcard and M2 NVME SSD. in both cases I saw the exact same error message on power-on:

BootROM - 1.73
Booting from SPI flash
BootROM: Bad header at offset D4000000
BootROM: Bad header at offset D4200000
BootROM: Bad header at offset D4400000
BootROM: Bad header at offset D4600000
BootROM: Bad header at offset D4800000
BootROM: Bad header at offset D4A00000
BootROM: Bad header at offset D4C00000
BootROM: Bad header at offset D4E00000
Trying Uart

  • Does this response indicate that the BootROM is faulty in some way? Is this correctable?
  • Note that I did follow this ( when preparing the SDcard.
  • Also for both SDcard and M2 drive, the boot dips were set accordingly.
  • It doesn’t seem that the board is even attempting to try to boot from SD or M2.
  • For the OS, I imaged, “sr-a38x-cf-yocto-20151215-testing.img” on SD and M2.
  • I do not believe there is any eMMC onboard, though I didn’t order the board. At any rate, I assume that if the dips are set for M2 boot, eMMC shouldn’t even enter the picture.

Any enlightenment as to what’s up, would be much appreciated.
Win32DiskImager was used in both cases (DS & M2)

Here’s something interesting. The boot dip settings, screened on the board do not equal the ones here: ClearFog Boot Select | SolidRun.
When I began using the ones at the link, most of my “bad header” bootROM issues went away.
For example: if you want to attempt boot from eMMC or SDcard:
BOARD SAYS: 1,2=ON / 3,4,5=OFF
LINK SAYS: 1,2=OFF / 3,4,5=ON
The latter works.

Can you please post a picture of your board. The silk screening on my board matches the documentation. White squares on the silk screen denote the dip switch position. Thanks