ClearFog dual SIM / antenna placement

I see the ClearFog A388 Base and ClearFog CN9130 Base have traces for second SIM card. Is it possible to order with dual SIM trays, or do I need to add my own?

The Pro versions of neither boards appear from the diagrams to have the capability for second SIM tray. Can someone confirm?

I would also like to see some more diagrams & photos of these 4 chassis, particularly interested in placement of antenna SMA holes on the back side (which doesn’t show on the website).


I should also add: I’d like to know if there is room on board / chassis of the Base and/or Pro versions of ClearFog A388 and CN9130 for an mPCIe to M.2 riser for 5G modems?

These adapters vary in size. I’m still looking for a good one, but here’s an example:

One of those risers should work fine in the ClearFog Base, except the card will stick out from the side of the carrier by a few mm’s. This would only be a problem if you wanted to use one of our cases. I don’t believe that they will fit on the Pro variant of the board as the magnetics for the ethernet ports are too close.

As for assembling the SIMs. We can provide them assembled for an MOQ of 60 devices. Otherwise you can solder them yourselves, the part numbers they are designed for can be found in our BOM on the developer website.

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Do the chassis come pre-cut with d-holes for SMA connectors?