/boot/Image or kernel-lx2160acex7.itb?

lx2160_build’s runme.sh seems to place two kernel copies in the final image it creates:

On one hand, it creates and copies an .itb image (which includes the compressed kernel, ramdisk, and dtb) to offset 16MB of the boot device:

dd if=… kernel-lx2160acex7.itb of= … bs=512 seek=32768 conv=notrunc

But on the other hand, it copies the kernel image and dtb files to /boot/Image, and creates a /extlinux/extlinux.conf which points at /boot/Image (and generally at /boot for dtb’s).

During boot, u-boot finds /extlinux/extlinux.conf and then loads /boot/Image and the dtb from /boot.

So I wonder why runme.sh does also creates an .its, builds an .itb, and places it in offset 16MB of the final image if anyway it seems we are booting /boot/Image?