What is the "nominal" expected Clearfog SERDES configuration?

Well I couldn’t find the SERDES config for 4x10g operation on the SFP+ cages plus 100g on the QSFP28 cage, is there any SERDES config for that, or did I miss a doc ?

Thanks in advance.

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Browsing another ticket I found the information I needed, it is here: https://developer.solid-run.com/knowledge-base/lx2160a-cex7-user-manual/?_gl=1*fm532x*_gcl_aw*R0NMLjE2NjM2MDcxMTYuRUFJYUlRb2JDaE1Ja0lYa3RxdWgtZ0lWM3hYVUFSMDFoUURfRUFBWUFTQUFFZ0w4RV9EX0J3RQ..&_ga=2.47443623.1223151252.1666814074-540084244.1663075607&_gac=1.237627828.1663607124.EAIaIQobChMIkIXktquh-gIV3xXUAR01hQD_EAAYASAAEgL8E_D_BwE#serdes-block-3-sd3-pllf-plls-100mhz-spread-spectrum-disabled

Well this page being in the former developer’s area I hope it won’t be lost.

Thanks for the product and the developer’s site, it really proves useful and good.