Mc_binary in RELEASE LSDK-21.08?

I’m confused which mc_binary I should use in release 21.08.
It seems lx2160a_build’s is configuring MC_FORCE to mc_lx2160a_10.32.0.itb (I’m using the default SERDES:=8_5_2).
But, in the LSDK-21.08 tag of GitHub - NXP/qoriq-mc-binary, we have mc_lx2160a_10.28.1.itb, not mc_lx2160a_10.32.0.itb.
Should we use the file patches/mc_lx2160a_10.32.0.itb supplied inside the lx2160a_build patches folder, and ignore nxp’s qoriq-mc-binary.git?

You can use either. They are both from NXP’s repo. NXP releases them via tags in their git repo - here’s the changelog that shows that you need 10.34.0 if you want to have lossless 10G links on the LX2160A.